Who are we?

S&P Publishing is a pioneering art publishing house, committed to creating and producing limited edition art prints of the highest prestige and quality, making them stand out in any collection.

We pride ourselves on building close relationships with our affiliate partners, whilst supplying the limited edition artworks of our hand-selected range of exceptionally talented artists across the globe.

Our company ethos is flawlessly encapsulated in this quote from our master printer:

“S&P Publishing is a company that developed from the passion for contemporary and modern art and its multiple forms and mediums. 

Having explored the art world in its multiple forms, S&P Publishing brings together a dynamic and innovative collection of works. Our printing studio is a welcoming place where both established and upcoming galleries can source and discover great art. 

At S&P Publishing we are dedicated to supporting our artists, both upcoming and established.  

By representing a curated and select group of modern and contemporary artists based in and outside of the UK, we're able to work hand in hand with our affiliate partners, supporting them every step of the way.” 

London art publishing team fine art prints and NFT art

What prints do we specialise in? 

At S&P Publishing we specialise in the craft of Giclée printing which is a highly popular printing method among artists and art galleries alike, used to produce printed works of the highest quality, often referred to as museum-level quality. Using archival inks and papers, the result is a sublime printed artwork that looks almost indistinguishable from an expensive piece of original fine art but doesn’t cost as much to produce, or to own. 

Giclée printing offers the quality and prestige that standard reproduction printing does not, enabling artists to reach a much wider audience that may not be able to afford an original work of art from the artist, with a level of quality appealing to both casual art admirers and dedicated art collectors alike.  

Unlike traditional print technologies, Giclée printing uses up to 12 individual colours for printing which offers a more diverse and controlled colour gamut, ensuring smoother gradient transitions and exceptional richness, resulting in magnificent artworks that are able to stand firm in any fine art collection.

The results of professional Giclée printing are magnificent artworks that hold onto the vibrancy, potency and aesthetics of the original piece. 

Giclée prints can also be printed on demand which avoids the expense of mass-production and also gives the artist the option of experimenting with different paper types and finishes.  

For exquisite, high-quality fine art printing, Giclée is certainly the foremost option.

Hand signing artist proof limited edition art prints